Film & Vintage Camera Specialists.

Yep, that’s right – all we sell is analogue equipment. It might seem strange if you’re not a photography enthusiast and love the convenience of digital cameras, but a large proportion of photographers still use film.

Don't get us wrong, digital has its place in the modern world so if you don't shoot film, we might still stock something for you. Lots of our lenses and accessories can be used natively on modern cameras, or easily adapted.

Since 2012, we've been pouring over all the analogue equipment we can get our hands on - testing, cleaning, fixing, shooting, and finding new homes for it all. 

The Back Room Buff: Mike

Stock manager, graphic illustrator, hat wearer.

A Leodensian through-and-through, if you need any advice on your next purchase, Mike will tell you straight. He has the job of going through all our incoming stock and making sure it's all ship-shape. Essentially, he fiddles with old camera gear, all day every day - he sure does lead a tough life. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about Praktica cameras in particular. 

His personal equipment includes a very fancy Leica M2, a humble Canon AE-1, and his grandad's trusty Minolta 9000. 

When he's not surrounded by boxes of stuff, Mike can be found enjoying a coffee, taking photos of dogs and making questionable choices about pizza toppings.

The Fastest Wrapper in the West: Adam

Parcel dispatcher. Large format, patterned shirt and hair enthusiast.

Need a lens by yesterday? Adam can sort it out. His arms become a blur of tape and bubble wrap when he's at work, a symphony of labels printing and scissors cutting. With a keen eye for spotting anything amiss, you can rest assured that your precious equipment is in safe hands when Adam is on the job.

His personal camera collection includes his "Pocket Camera" - a huge 5x7 box reflex with a myriad of weird and wonderful lenses - an MPP Micro-Press, and a full size glass plate camera. It's fair to say that any questions about large format will be directed his way! 

When he's not busy making our delivery driver carry dozens of boxes, Adam can most likely be found petting cats and drinking Baileys (probably in a darkroom). You can find a selection of his work on Instagram, or on his Website.

The Head Camera Nerd: Howard

Owner, business manager, camera connoisseur.

Photography and cameras have been a fixture of Howard's life since age 16, and the passion has snowballed into a full time obsession. Business has traditionally run in Howard's family - from market stalls in Dewsbury to shops in Leeds - there’s almost seventy years of experience of trading to live up to. He's carrying the baton whilst helping to keep analogue photography alive.

Howard's personal camera setup has settled on a Hasselblad, Nikon F, and a Leica M3, amongst other more basic equipment such as a clunky Zenit, and a box brownie.

When he's not juggling customers, Howard can be found reading a classic car magazine, chasing cats, or listening to 70's rock.  

You can check out Howard's terrible photos at, Instagram, or Facebook