Terms & Conditions

When you place an order with us, you agree to our Terms & Conditions below. Of course, they do not affect your statutory rights.

Stock Photos

As specified in the tabs beneath every product, the photos you see may be stock photos, although this is not always the case. Due to the sheer amount of equipment coming in, it means we're unable to photograph each item individually.

Any stock photos used are representative of the item you will receive - of course, if you're looking for a specific version, or serial number, feel free to get in touch and ask us for more details.

Returns Policy

Our returns policy is outlined on our – Returns page.


All items rated as Mint-, Exc+, Exc and Avg conditions come with three months warranty on faults unless otherwise stated. Items rated as Ugly condition do not come with any form of warranty if purchased in the shop, or 14 days beyond the statutory Distance Selling Regulations if purchased online.

We will endeavour to repair or replace the items, or take a return if found to be faulty within 3 months of the date of receipt by you. Your preference of warranty resolution will be considered but if we are unable to replace or repair items, a refund will be the resolution.

This warranty is not transferable - the sale, rental, loan, consignment or any other transfer of ownership of an item to a third party will terminate any remaining warranty period from us. 

Our warranty term for individuals or businesses who have the intention of reselling equipment bought from us - whether the intention is for personal use or not - are the standard DSR regulations of a 14 day approval period and nothing more.

What the warranty does not cover:

  • The warranty does not cover selenium-cell light meters which are built into cameras due to age. These types of meter are usually only found on much older models which are 40-50 years old, and have often decayed to inaccurate or inoperative levels. All other light meters, battery powered, hand-held, external or built-in, are guaranteed be accurate to within +/- 1 stop.
  • Oil on the aperture blades of preset/rangefinder lenses is something that we would expect to be present in small quantities and is not covered under warranty. Oil on the aperture blades of 'automatic' diaphragm lenses is not to be expected and would be covered under warranty.
  • Subjective aspects or personal preferences. For example, the 'feel' of the focusing on lenses. One individual may prefer a lighter feel, and another customer might prefer a heavier feel. It can also vary between copies of the same lens, especially used examples. We will not offer a repair, adjustment or return under warranty for an item because of an aspect that we deem to be subjective. We are always happy to advise you on subjective aspects of a particular lens / camera and help you make an informed decision.
  • The warranty does not cover rangefinder alignments or adjustments after 14 days. 

Damage and improper use.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund for any items returned misused, damaged, incomplete, or otherwise returned in a different condition to the original sale. Any and all accessories included with the purchase must also be returned.

It is important to note that some cameras have their quirks and particular processes which must be followed and can be damaged due to improper use (for example, changing the shutter speed on a Zorki-4 before winding on). It is your responsibility to research an item before use and follow the recommended instructions. If you are unsure, please ask us and we can advise you. 

Specifications, compatibility, and item specifics

The depth and breadth of photographic equipment can be confusing at the best of times – and although we are professionals, it is not possible for us to have absolute and specific knowledge of every manufacturer and system out there.

By placing an order with us, you confirm that you have undertaken the necessary research to ensure the item(s) you purchase are suitable for your requirements. This does not affect our 14 day return policy – however, we cannot be liable for any inconvenience or damages resulting in improper use of products.

Of course, this does not mean that you can’t ask us for advice - we welcome any questions, no matter how big or small.

Order Fulfilment

We reserve the right to cancel or otherwise request a change to any order placed with us. With such a large volume of items in our catalogue, errors such as pricing mistakes can happen, and we are not obligated to fulfil erroneous orders, or absorb erroneous shipping costs. Such errors (pricing, or otherwise) are determined entirely at our discretion and discussions as to what constitutes an error will not be entered into. In the event of this happening, every effort will be made to find a satisfactory resolution, either in the form of a similar alternative item, refund, or any other solution which can be agreed upon. Naturally, you will be informed of any cancellations or refunds immediately, and changes will not be made to orders without prior discussion.

Dispatch of your items constitutes our acceptance of your order. 

For example, we are not obliged to sell a Leica M3 with 50mm f/1.4 Summilux for £3.25!

Order Cancellation Fee / Change of heart

A 2% transaction fee will apply to any orders placed which are subsequently cancelled, changed or for any other reason not fulfilled at your request. This is not something enjoy doing, but Shopify does not refund us the ~2% transaction fee for processing payments, therefore any orders which are refunded or cancelled through no fault of our own will incur this deduction from the refund.

For example; you place an order after a few beers and sober up the next day and wish to cancel - we'll deduct 2% of the total transaction price from your refund to cover our costs.

Postage and Delivery

We are a small team, and as such we can't always post items out immediately - but we endeavour to dispatch stock within 48 hours of receiving cleared payment (not including weekends or bank holidays) - if you need an item for the next day, or have any particular delivery requirements, we are happy to try and accommodate this if you discuss it with us prior to ordering. Once the item has been dispatched, we cannot be held responsible for any service delays from the courier that is used. We always post items with delivery confirmation and full insurance up the order value. Requests for shipping without tracking or insurance will be politely declined.

Items damaged or missing on delivery.

In the unlikely event that a parcel arrives to you damaged in transit or is missing contents, you must inform us within 7 days of the parcel arriving at the delivery address specified on the order. We cannot offer to refund, repair or replace any items missing or damaged in transit which have been reported to us after 7 days of receipt at the delivery address.

We strongly recommend that you or any third parties responsible for the acceptance or care of the package check the contents as soon as possible.


All used equipment is sold under either the Margin Scheme, or Global Accounting scheme. No VAT is reclaimable on used items, domestically or internationally.

New equipment such as film, paper and chemicals has the standard 20% VAT and is reclaimable. 

International Orders

The UK has now officially withdrawn from the European Union. This means that orders for delivery to all EU countries, and Ireland, will be subject to import duty and fees.

We are not liable for any import taxes, duties or customs charges incurred by the buyer. These are the sole responsibility of the buyer and in the unfortunate event of an international order being returned to us, we cannot refund customs charges, or import duties/taxes. You must claim these back through your relevant revenue and customs authority. We will declare the full amount on the customs invoice. Please do not ask us to break the law and declare your extremely valuable Hasselblad to be a broken decorative camera worth 50p.

If you are returning an item from outside the UK, you must explicitly mark any goods sent back to us from outside the UK as a return on customs forms. In the event of this not being declared correctly, the parcel will either be sent back to you or any outstanding customs duty will be deducted from your refund. 


West Yorkshire Cameras are not liable to give any compensation apart from refunding you the amount you paid for any goods being returned.
We shall also not be liable in any way for acts, failures, omissions or delays resulting in issues such as (but not limited to) loss of sales, business, profits, reputation, business interruption or any other losses.

Copy & Pasting our Terms and Conditions for use on your own website?

We get it, we’re great. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. But we’ve noticed several other camera shops using our terms and conditions word-for-word. Please don’t just copy our homework, at least change it a little bit so that the teacher won’t notice. Thanks.