Cameras I Want

Cameras I Want

Following on from Nick’s post I’ve been thinking of my wish list and what cameras and equipment I’m lusting after at the moment.

I have a thing for rangefinders, waist level finders & shiny things, so there’s a few of them making an appearance here…

Rolleiflex 2.8

First on the list is a Rollei, I love TLR’s, partly because of the aforementioned love for waist level finders. I can’t choose which 2.8 I’d like so I’ve left the letter off it, any will do! I have chosen the 2.8GX in the photo, partly because they’re brilliant cameras, partly because Natalie Portman is holding it.

West Yorkshire Cameras Natalie Portman

Leica MP

The MP is just one of the bodies I could have listed here, I currently shoot with an M2 and the only thing I find it lacks form time to time is a meter. I’m aware internal meters aren’t the best thing in the world, however sometimes I just want to be lazy and not have to carry around a meter or have to work out exposures for myself. So I could have said “any metered M body” rather than an MP, however the MP’s are pretty damn nice, so I’ll stick with that 😉

West Yorkshire Cameras Leica

Leica 35mm Summaron

The perfect balance between price & quality where 35mm Leica lenses are concerned. I have a 5cm Summicron at the moment but my favourite focal length is generally 35mm, so a 35mm Summaron is definitely on the list. Can be had for around £500, considerably less than the Summicrons but still excellent image quality.

West Yorkshire Cameras Leicia

Bronica SQ

Now the lust for a Bronica mainly comes from the images I’ve seen the lenses produce. I know, I know, gear isn’t everything – but when you consistently see photos coming from these such as the ones over at 6×6, I think I can be excused for lusting after one.

West Yorkshire Cameras Bronica

Ricoh GR1

Or a GR-1v. One thing I’m missing out of my camera bag at the moment is something to take out when I don’t want to take my camera bag. A high quality compact is always useful, and would be great for if I’m with family or my girlfriend and too preoccupied with people to be thinking about settings on the camera. These are also great little cameras for street photography.

West Yorkshire Cameras Ricoh

Speed Graphic

I’ve been wanting to delve more into large format photography for a while now, but just haven’t yet bothered to get money together to do so. Speed Graphics are generally the cheapest option to get into LF gear without compromising on quality. I like shooting with 35-50mm sort of range on 35mm so I’d probably couple one of these with a 120/160mm sort of length lens, although I certainly wouldn’t say no to an Aero Ektar…

West Yorkshire Cameras Ektar

So that’s part 1 of my Cameras I Want, a fairly expensive list I must say. Next time will be more focused on cameras I want for looks over use/quality.

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