Tom Horton – Didsbury & Leeds on Pen FT & Precisa

Following on from my review of the king of the half frame cameras, the Olympus Pen FT, I’ve got some shots to share from it shot on Agfa Precisa – a.k.a rebadged Fuji Provia. This is a great slide film, especially when on a budget. We sell it at £6/roll for individual rolls, with discount available on bulk buys – and thats for 36 shot rolls.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and sharpness I got from a half frame camera, and also how stitching together the two half frame shots created a nice look at scenes in a different style to a single photograph, you can create a mini story across the frame if you think about the shots when taking them.

Most of these shots are from a walk around Didsbury, South Manchester, up and down the Mersey and surrounding areas, with the final three frames being around Leeds.

The Camera really was a joy to use and although I have sold mine since, I fully expect to buy another one in the not too distant future.










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