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West Yorkshire Cameras Staff Interviews: Howard Parker

West Yorkshire Cameras Staff Interviews: Howard Parker

'The shop has really shown me how to tell when people are genuinely interested in learning and creating something.'

Up next in our series of staff interviews, it's none other than Howard Parker, the owner of West Yorkshire Cameras. Howard tells us about his photography, why Ilford Delta 400 is unmatched and offers a step-by-step guide on how to best attach a spoiler to your Box Brownie.


West Yorkshire Cameras Staff Interviews: Steve Boylin

West Yorkshire Cameras Staff Interviews: Steve Boylin

'The ‘click, click, click’ of shooting digital meant I couldn’t slow down and focus. When I discovered film, I enjoyed the process of stepping back and slowing down.'

Continuing our series of staff interviews is none other than our resident scouser, Steve. In this interview, Steve explains to us how he got into film photography, his developing process and how you can still take great photos on a battered old Rolleicord.


West Yorkshire Cameras Staff Interviews: Adam French

West Yorkshire Cameras Staff Interviews: Adam French

'I’ve been constantly taking photos of everyone and everything for as long as I could afford a camera to build up a large record of life around me.'

Next up in our series of interviews is alternative format aficionado, Adam. In this interview, Adam tells us how he got into complicated chemical processes, building his own cameras and his fondness for odd point-and-shoots.


我叫 Ryan,我是一个摄影狂。我的妻子对我说得很清楚,因为这是我们的蜜月而不是拍照假期,所以我不应该带上巨大的数码单反相机。当然,作为绅士和学者的我并没有带一个相机……我带了 3 个😉

Ryan Learoyd 的 35 次旅行之后度蜜月到巴厘岛后,他还发送了一些用他信赖的尼康 FM2 拍摄的华丽彩色照片。

所有这些都是在 Agfa Precisia 上拍摄并交叉处理的。一组精彩的照片,与他在 35 次旅行后的黑白照片一起。

0-工作文件-2013-11-12-431-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

2-Work Files-2013-11-12-415-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

1-Work Files-2013-11-12-411-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

我们到达了巴厘岛庆祝活动的中心沙努尔。 Galungan 是 Balanese Hindu 的一个节日,人们在这里庆祝正义战胜邪恶。街道上到处都是装饰品和供品。

3-Work Files-2013-11-12-413-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd
4-Work Files-2013-11-12-414-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

7-Work Files-2013-11-12-419-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

6-作品档案-2013-11-12-417-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

5-Work Files-2013-11-12-416-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

我想我对摄影的热爱是从我 6 岁时用一次性相机拍摄的环境图像赢得蓝彼得徽章演变而来的。直到晚年,我才意识到那张照片实际上是我父亲拍的,从那以后我一直在努力挽回自己。

8-Work Files-2013-11-12-443-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd
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10-Work Files-2013-11-12-426-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd

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我可能会改用 4 😉

12-Work Files-2013-11-12-421-版权所有-©Ryan Learoyd
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Ryan Learoyd 专门从事索尔泰尔、利兹和约克郡的复古报道文学和另类纪实婚礼摄影。要查看来自巴厘岛的其他图像并购买一系列精美的美术印刷品,请访问他的网站shuttergoclick.com或者阅读他博客上的 Beyond the Megapixel 故事。