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35 Trips – Ryan Learoyd at Shutter Go Click Photography

Trip 35 Ryan Featured

Back from Bali ~ Another Olympus Trip

A little bit about me

My name is Ryan & I’m a cameraholic. My wife made it apparent to me that as this was our honeymoon & not a photo holiday I shouldn’t be taking a huge DSLR. Of course me being the gentleman & the scholar that I am didn’t take a single camera… I took 3 instead 😉

I specialise in vintage reportage & alternative documentary wedding photography in Yorkshire. My work can be found over at my website www.shuttergoclick.com where alongside digital I still use film professionally. I’m known for turning up to weddings with a camera in every pocket. Wether that be my Nikon FM2n, Polaroid SX–70 or Blackbird Fly.

I’d like to think that my love of photography evolved from winning a Blue Peter badge for an environmental image I took on a disposable camera when I was 6 years old. Only later in life I realised my dad actually took that picture & I have been trying to redeem myself ever since.

>1-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

A little bit about my trip to Bali

Anyway enough about me, when my new favourite shop West Yorkshire Cameras asked me to take part in the Trip Project I jumped at the chance. Loaded with a roll of own brand black & white C41 film. I ran my Trip alongside my trusty workhorse Nikon FM2n & Fuji X100 (Gasp Digital;-) All of my colour shots were shot on my Nikon using Agfa Precisa 100 & cross processed, and will be on this very blog shortly.

It seemed a shame to be shooting with black & white film in a place that was so filled with colour. We arrived in Sanur at the heart of Balinese celebrations. Galungan is a Balanese Hindu festival where its people celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Streets were filled with decorations & offerings.

Sanur seemed like as much of a paradise for locals as it was for tourists. Walking along the coastline was an assault on the senses. Families played in the sea, couples watched sunsets drift behind distant mountains. Streets lined sandy beaches thick with the smells of spices & insence.

The little Oly Trip accompanied me on a journey to witness beautiful sacred temples, it walked with me through the bustling streets of Ubud. It climbed spectacular rice paddies & stood with me in awe of an active volcano.

10-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

And a little bit about the Trip 35

The Trip in use was simplicity itself. At first when I picked the thing up I was really surprised by the weight. Although uncomplicated, I couldn’t help but admire that build quality. The ASA leaver was a little loose on mine when I got it though, & I had to keep checking it was set to 400. Other than that I just chucked mine in ‘A’ mode & matched the focus to the picture on the lens ring. Eg picture of landscape = infinity.

When I first got the camera I have to be honest I thought mine was broken when that little red flag came up in the viewfinder & the shutter locked up. (What a Noob 😉 But after crying into my pillow for 10 minutes & a bit of Googling. I realised this was the cameras awesome light meter kicking in telling me my photo was gonna be craptastic.

What’s awesome about the Trip 35 is that the light meter & auto mode runs from solar power. (There’s no shortage of sunshine in Bali) Which means of course that batteries aren’t needed. This makes the Trip a huge contender for Desert Island camera.

I think i’ll definitely be picking up a Trip at some point in the future. Quite often it’s the simplicity of a camera that drives creativity. It’s already earned a special little place in my heart after accompanying me on the very special journey of a lifetime… The only honeymoon I’ll ever have.

Of course I’m coming home with a wife & the love of my life & in that our adventure has only just begun. I made a promise as a husband to stay true to my word & on our next trip I won’t be taking a single camera…

I’ll probably take 4 instead 😉

Without further ado, here’s the rest of the photos I shot on the Trip 35 on my Trip to Bali.

2-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

3-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film
4-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

5-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

6-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

7-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film
8-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

9-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

11-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film
12-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

13-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

14-Ryan Learoyd Trip 35 WYC B&W Film

Ryan Learoyd specialises in vintage reportage & alternative documentary wedding photography in Saltaire, Leeds & Yorkshire. To see the rest of the images from Bali & purchase a range of beautiful fine art prints visit his website at shuttergoclick.com Alternatively read the stories Beyond the Megapixel on his blog.

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