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The World's Shiniest Kine Exakta - Daniel Walsh // Staff Picks

The World's Shiniest Kine Exakta - Daniel Walsh // Staff Picks

Today, we’re talking about Dan’s (extremely shiny) Kine Exacta/Exakta Version 1.2.3. This camera is a later model of one of Ihagee Kamerwerks first production 35mm SLR cameras, and just so happens to have been doused with a gallon of Brasso. 


The Adam's and Co. Half Plate w/ the Dallmeyer Pentac - Adam French // Staff Picks

The Adam's and Co. Half Plate w/ the Dallmeyer Pentac - Adam French // Staff Picks

In this staff pick, we are discussing the 'Adam's and Co.' Half Plate camera with the 8" f/2.9 Dallmeyer Pentac lens. Read how a unique soft and pictorial look adds a distinctive touch to Adam's photographic endeavours.


Why I Use the Kaiser Bulk Loader - Mike Medlock // Staff Picks

Why I Use the Kaiser Bulk Loader - Mike Medlock // Staff Picks

Mike’s held on to one of these Kaiser Bulk Loaders for several years now, and wanted to share his hot tip with you. Alright - it’s not as interesting to discuss as something super-spicy like a black paint Leica M3 - but he assures us that a bulk loader is an extremely useful bit of kit to hold on to.


West Yorkshire Cameras Staff Interviews: Louisa Muir

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, I’m Louisa, the newest member of staff at WYC. I’m 18 and I enjoy crocs, cats and Caffe Nero. I’m finishing up my A-levels, aiming to study philosophy at Uni in September.

Light shining through shutter in black and white.

Olympus OM10 w/ 50mm f/1.8 - Ilford FP4 


How did you first get into photography?

It started with my GCSEs. I took photography as a starting point, and I was instantly hooked. I had previously been into art, but I switched to photography because it was something different and new. What I particularly enjoyed was the artist research aspect of photography in GCSE, as it added context and deeper meaning to the images. At that point, I was only shooting digitally, but I spoke to my teacher for advice on what to do next.

A carousel, with two horses in the front of the frame.

Unknown camera - Unknown film stock.


What drew you to film specifically?

My teacher suggested that I try film photography, and I've been drawn to it ever since. I like to think about my photos more when I take them, and the process of using film forces me to slow down and consider each shot. I really enjoy being in the darkroom too, I started off developing my own film and now I've moved on to making contact sheets. I love that vintage feel and annotating them with red lipliner, the old-school way.

A market stall in black and white.

Olympus OM10 w/ 50mm f/1.8 - Kentmere 400. 


Tell us a bit about your style of photography, processes etc. 

My style of photography tends to focus on street and candid shots or finding patterns and contrasts. I've tried the studio for a portrait project, but I found it to be too much work. I didn't enjoy the lights and set-up, and it felt too planned and forced. Street photography, on the other hand, is unpredictable and allows for more freedom. I love just going on a walk and taking photos, especially in new places.

A broken wall with graffiti in black and white.

Seagull 4A - Bergger Panchro 400.



I use an Olympus OM10 which was recommended by my photography teacher. I have found it easier to use than the TLR since it's aperture priority. My recent addition to my gear collection is the Seagull 4A TLR, which is my favourite because of the WLF. I always forget to meter, but it makes for interesting photos.

A Seagull 4A TLR Camera being held by a woman.

Seagull 4A TLR



When it comes to film stocks, I haven't tried a lot, but I've been trying out new ones recently. I used to prefer colour, but now I like black and white mostly. I recently tried Bergger Panchro in London and loved it because it's not as contrasty and midtone-heavy, which allows more leeway when editing my images. I also really enjoyed using Ilford FP4 due to its high contrast.

A cat basking in the sun, through a window.

Olympus OM10 w/ 50mm f/1.8 - Kodak Gold 200.



Film testing gets me to try new cameras, which is really exciting. For example, I recently tested a Bronica ETRS and a Mamiya 6. It can get too samey using the same cameras over and over, so it's great to build up experience with different formats of photography and technical knowledge about cameras. Film testing the Bronica led me to enjoy using a waist-level finder, which convinced me to buy the Seagull - a camera I love.

A streetlight with light shining through the back in black and white.

Olympus OM10 w/ 50mm f/1.8 - Kentmere 400. 



When I started, I knew nothing about cameras, but I've picked up so many skills and tricks along the way. I've even learned how to take a lens apart! Though I have to admit, I've lost a few screws under the bench before, which made the repair process a lot more difficult. But, what I've learned is that repairs are really not as difficult as they seem. It's straightforward taking things apart, just take your time and do them step by step.

A variety of vibrant pumpkins.

Olympus OM10 w/ 50mm f/1.8 - Kodak Gold 200.