We've all got questions to ask. What kind of camera should I buy? Why won't cats come near me when I want to pet them? What is the meaning of life?

Before sending us a message or giving us a call, see if your question is answered here! We might not be able to help with your existential crisis, but we can try our best to help with queries relating to our website!

Do you sell film?

We sell film in the shop, but we don't sell it through our website. We're not set up for high parcel volume and lower shipping cost items. Our film prices would also be less competitive as we don't buy in the same quantities as dedicated film resellers. If you can't come into the shop and pick some rolls up, we thoroughly recommend Analogue Wonderland for all your film needs! 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We can send items from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between. Once you add an item to your cart, you can calculate shipping costs by entering your country and zip/postcode underneath your total. 

I’m interested in an item, but all I can see is “Image coming soon” - Do you have photos of it?

Not yet! If we had some photos, naturally they would already be on the website. The item has likely just come into stock and is in the queue for our photographer to work through. You can assess the condition by our ratings tag at the end of the product title.

Is the photo I can see of the exact item for sale?

No! It’s unlikely, unless it is an unusual item or something we have not handled before. We use our own stock photos from examples of items that have come to us previously. We ensure that the photo represents the condition of the one we have to hand. Check the condition rating of the item for an assessment. There may be minor differences between the item shown and the one we have in stock. We’re more than happy to provide serial numbers or other specifics on request. 

Is a particular item on your website still available?

Yes - if you can see an item advertised on our website, it’s available for purchase. Our inventory is live, so if you can see it, we have it. If you can’t see it, it’s gone!

I’m in the market for a specific item, do you have one in stock?

Similar to the above question, everything we have available is listed on our website. If you can see it, we’ve got it, if it’s not there, we don’t have one!

Do you have a waiting list / wanted list for items?

    No - we used to operate a list of customers looking for specific items but it quickly became confusing or outdated. If we find an effective and efficient way to reintroduce this, we will. Our best advice at the moment is to keep an eye on our website for anything you’re looking for.

    I need to place an order for delivery as quickly as possible - can you get it to me?

      Yes - we'll do our best! Please tell us before purchase if you urgently require an item delivered. We can offer Saturday, Sunday and before 9am services at an additional cost.

      What is your returns policy?

      We outline this on our Returns page.

      Do items come with a guarantee?

      Yes - unless explicitly stated, all items come with 3 months guarantee. See our Terms and Conditions page for more details. 

      What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?