Some products don't have photos, why is that?

Our website features a full, live listing of our entire inventory. As soon as it comes into the shop, we list it here on the website too. Due to the sheer amount of different items coming in, we're unable to photograph each item individually, and it takes time to get through everything (but we are working on it!).

Stock Photos

The photos you see are likely to be stock photos, although this is not always the case. The description and photos are representative of the item you will receive - of course, if you're looking for a specific version, or serial number, feel free to get in touch and ask us for more details.

You may also notice on some items that there's a lack of a full description at the moment too - again, it's something that is proving to be a little overwhelming for us, but we are working on it. All used equipment we sell is comprehensively inspected and tested by us. 


We grade our items with the following scale:

Mint- : Immaculate. Not brand new, but it will have absolutely minimal signs of use, if any.

Exc+ : Very good condition, it will have seen light use and there will be some very minor cosmetic imperfections.

Exc : Good used condition - what you might expect from a used item. Some signs of use, but fully working.

Avg : Poor condition overall but still fully working. Will have obvious signs of use - for example optics may have imperfections - but nothing too detrimental to its functionality.

User: Well used, beaten up, or whatever you want to call it! Will function but will likely have some defects, for example non-working light meter, or ding to filter rim, etc. Significant signs of use and wear.