Film & Vintage Camera Specialists

Film & Vintage Camera Specialists.

Yep, that’s right – all we sell is analogue equipment. It might seem strange if you’re not a photography enthusiast and love the convenience of digital cameras, but a large proportion of photographers still use film.

Why shoot film, you ask? Plenty of people will provide a gibberish answer to the question - but these days I genuinely think that a lot of people are fed up of looking at a screen constantly. Go to work, stare at the computer. Get on the bus, stare at your phone. Get home, stare at the TV. Instead, go take some photos, look at the world around you, and don't have yet another screen in the way. Make something tactile and real. Yes it's more expensive, yes it's less convenient, but somehow, it is still going strong. Okay, it's easy to admit that there's no logical need for analogue photography, but the feeling of making something you can hold in your hand is very appealing.

Don't get us wrong, digital has its place in the modern world so if you don't shoot film, we might still stock something for you. Lots of our lenses and accessories can be used natively on modern cameras, or easily adapted.

For four years the shop was co-owned with the previous business partner who some of you may know, Tom. But even as Howard is now the sole proprietor of the business, West Yorkshire Cameras is going from strength to strength and has grown to become an anchor of the Analogue community. 


The Real Boss of the Shop: Hattie

Partner, volunteer, enthusiastic saxophonist.

Hattie is the ever-helpful friendly face you may see when you call into the shop, or you might hear from if you make an enquiry. When not at her real full time job, she's helping tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the natural entropy of a busy shop in check! Always organised, frequently she knows more than Howard about the who, what, where and how much - earning her the title of the 'real boss of the shop'!

Hattie's personal camera preferences range from a humble Pentax Spotmatic, to a burly Nikon F2. Her medium format camera of choice is what you might call 'the sensible Hasselblad' - a Bronica SQ. 

When she's not busy composing an email, she can be found playing the compositions of musicians, or buried in a good book.


The Fastest Wrapper in the West: Mike

Parcel dispatcher, graphic illustrator, bubble wrap advocate.

Need that lens by tomorrow? Mike's your guy. Blink, and it's packed up! Postal workers have a love/hate relationship with the amount of work he brings them. A keen eye for detail and doing everything properly, you can be assured that your order is in the best hands for the job. A Leodensian through-and-through, if you need any advice on your next purchase, he'll tell you straight. 

Personal cameras include a Rollei 35SE, a Yashica-Mat 124G, and his grandad's Minolta 9000. When he's not ankle-deep in foam pellets, Mike can be found enjoying a coffee, taking photos of dogs and making questionable choices about pizza toppings.

The Head Camera Nerd: Howard

Owner, business manager, camera connoisseur.

Photography and cameras have been a fixture of Howard's life since age 16, and the passion has snowballed into a full time obsession. Business has traditionally run in Howard's family - from market stalls in Dewsbury to shops in Leeds - there’s almost seventy years of experience of trading to live up to. He's carrying the baton whilst helping to keep analogue photography alive.

Howard's personal camera setup has settled on a Hasselblad, Nikon F, and a Leica M3, amongst other more basic equipment such as a clunky Zenit, and a box brownie.

When he's not juggling customers, Howard can be found reading a classic car magazine, chasing cats, or listening to 70's rock.  

You can check out Howard's work at, Instagram, or Facebook

We are based in Leeds Corn Exchange.

Visit our shop and take a look around! We’re open most days, including Sundays and late on Thursdays in case you can’t come visit during working hours – so there’s no excuse not to come and say hello! For more information on the whereabouts of our shop see the great map on our contact us page


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