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Christmas 2019 Opening Hours

Christmas 2019 Opening Hours

With the dreaded 25th fast approaching, I thought it best to fill you all in on the opening hours this month!  We'll be closed on...

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We're moving!

We're moving!

It is with a strange mix of excitement, sadness and trepidation that we announce our departure from the Corn Exchange after a 6 year residency, where we...

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We've released a new film -

We've released a new film - "FilmSpiration 1600"

Our greatest fears, manifest: We've all been there - you take a wonderfully composed photo with perfect exposure and split-second timing - a scything juxtaposition...

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We're moving!

It is with a strange mix of excitement, sadness and trepidation that we announce our departure from the Corn Exchange after a 6 year residency, where we started from one small room and grew to our current larger unit. But - and I have to be honest - the strange feeling is 99% excitement, as the big decision has been made to move forward with West Yorkshire Cameras and step it up another level.

Regrettably, it was not possible to remain in the Corn Exchange and grow as we want to. Therefore, we shall be opening our doors for the final time in our current guise on Sunday the 4th of August 2019, and on Monday 19th August opening the new, larger shop just down the road in the superb Grand Arcade, built in 1897. It hosts many other independent retailers, bars and restaurants - as well as being just round the corner from the very posh Leeds Grand Theatre. It also famously bears the animated clock which chimes on the hour, every hour (which I am sure we will be hearing in our dreams nightmares).

Please do try to cope without us for a couple of weeks. I would recommend Dale Photographic if you need anything in the meantime, and to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay. We will return with more stock and more wonderful photographic paraphernalia than ever, and hopefully you are as excited as we are to come and take a look around when we're done! 

As you may expect, during this two-week period there may be some delay in dispatching orders and answering queries. We are also anticipating a closure of the website for 3-4 days to undertake a stock-take and make some changes.

I can't thank you all enough for supporting us the last seven years. We may moan about work as much as anyone else, but it really is a dream come true to be able to do this for a living! And because we are essentially doing all of this for you lot - the thousands of photography and camera enthusiasts that come through our door and go on our website each year - I would absolutely welcome any and all suggestions for the new place if you have some. Is there anything you've seen in another shop that would really suit us? Let us know in the comments, or in an email. We've already decided to get a glitter ball...

Many thanks also go to the staff and other shops in the Corn Exchange that have helped us along the way. We'll miss seeing you for sure.

See you in the new shop!

Howard, Hattie and Mike.


John Ladd:

All the very best in your new premises and greetings from the Black Forest. Still very happy with the items I purchased from you.

Jul 30, 2019

John Arnison :

I hope the move proves to be a good one, both for the move and your future.
You have been a huge support to the darkroom, so thank you. Long live film, good luck, and see you very soon.



Jul 26, 2019

Toby Madrigal:

I agree with Stephen Batey, regarding the changes to afforded website, it’s just a pain now. For fellow enthusiasts, I recommend the site run by Peter Loy. It’s fun on a dark evening to run through all these sites, looking at stock, comparing models etc. Now when the lottery number turn up………………..ah yes, one of those……..

Jul 26, 2019

Stephen Batey:

Congratualtions on your move and expansion. I don’t get to Leeds very often as I live on the south coast and to be honest, these days it’s mainly to visit WYC. I’ll certainly look in at the new premises as soon as I can. I used to live nearby until 1970 and often visited Leeds (loved Lewises, and got my first 35mm camera there) and recall the clock in the arcade. I wondered why I hadn’t seen it on more recent visits, and now I know it’s in the arcade I never get to. If we park at the Merrion Centre, we just walk down through the centre, St John’s, cross the Headrow on on from there. Otherwise we don’t stray to that side of the Headrow. Now we shall.

If you do alter the website, please don’t fall into the method Ffordes now use. If you try to find (say) a waist level finder for a Canon F1, you’ll find it very difficult due to the method of grouping used. Your present system serves me well, and I hope others also.

Jul 13, 2019

Bob Robertson:

Many congratulations on the move, will certainly be along to see the clock
and even pop into the shop to see how you are getting on

all the very best


Jul 13, 2019

Ray Fletcher:

I hoe the move goes smoothly for all of you, and you never know you might find items you didn’t know you had!
I’m sure, like me, the analogue intellligensia will support you far into the future….

Best wishes,

Ray Fletcher

Jul 13, 2019

Charlie :

Wish you well on new move. Purchased two items from you so far you are very good. Regards to you 3 charlie

Jul 13, 2019

Ray Shipp:

Well done Howard and Co.
All the very best for the move and will look forward to linking up to the new web site.

Jul 13, 2019

John Henry:

Very best wishes for your move, it maybe a bit traumatic, like it was for me to leave France for Spain earlier this year, but, abd I guarantee this, you will make an even bigger success from your new home! Look forward to seeing the changes you make with great interest.

Jul 13, 2019

Paul Jenkin:

Congratulations!! Great to see a business so committed to film photography growing.

The only suggestion I can make is, perhaps, to build links on the website to between items that go together – e.g. if I was looking at Olympus OM camera bodies, a link in the page for lenses and other accessories you have that are compatible with the item being looked at would be useful. It’s far from a problem to back out and look at lenses separately but being able to just click through might bring more cross-sell opportunities?

Anyway, best wishes for a smooth transition to your new premises.

Jul 08, 2019

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