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Category Archives: Reviews

Review: Hasselblad XPan

Intro: The Hasselblad XPan – a legendary rangefinder with both panoramic and standard 35mm modes, which is interchangeable mid-roll! It’s a beast of a camera with a gorgeous viewfinder and excellent lenses. I shot a roll through it recently around

Review: Mamiya C330

Intro: The Mamiya TLR series was topped by the C330 which boasts features such as 120 & 220 compatibility, a one-action wind on crank, a changeable back for single exposure photography, and also weighs 340g less than the C33. It

Review: Olympus Pen FT

Intro: The Olympus Pen FT is generally known as one of (if not the) nicest half-frame cameras around due to having interchangeable lenses. In the 60’s and 70’s Olympus made lots of half frame cameras due to the appeal of

Review: Canon AE-1

> Intro: Canon’s AE-1, released in 1976, and the subsequent AE-1 Program, released in 1981, are cult classics in the crowded SLR market. Touted as the world’s first camera equipped with a microprocessor, it gave photographers the option to use

Review: Olympus Trip 35

Intro: The Olympus Trip 35 is a bit of a favourite of ours… Introduced in 1967, the Trip was sold in enormous numbers before being discontinued in 1984. and was named for its intended purpose – a compact camera for

Review: Nikon F

Intro: This is one of my favourite Nikon cameras. The original model F was Nikon’s first foray into the professional SLR market, with the F-series cameras eventually becoming the successor to their line of rangefinder cameras. The F’s body was

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