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35mm SLR Lens mount identification guide

It’s taken me three or four years to be able to tell by sight what lens fits which camera without having to try a lens on every camera within reach to figure it out. If, like me, you are also

Cheap Camera Challenge: Part 1

We’ve got G.A.S Photography can be expensive. It’s a proven fact which photographers and their long suffering, rational-decision-making Significant Others accept and put up with. Despite the sensible voice inside my head (which sounds remarkably like my dad’s voice) constantly

“Never Heard of Them” : Good Old 3rd Party Lenses

Image credit: Nikon.com (cropped) Lenses. We all know that Nikon, Canon, Pentax and the other major manufacturers make, and have made, some of the highest quality and most unusually extraordinary ones out there – more often than not with prices

100 Years of Leica Videos

We didn’t invent photography, we invented photography. As I’m sure you’ve heard at some point over the year, 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Leica. There have been a few commemorative videos from various companies, all of which are

Competition Quotes – Top 5

We announced the winner of our Birthday Giveaway Competition recently on our Facebook, and after much deliberation it turns out Si Garn won with “I love black and white photography because

Win a Yashica Mat & a 35mm/120 B&W Developing Kit.

Giveaway time! We’ve teamed up with Photography Monthly and are hosting a competition to celebrate our shop’s 1 year anniversary on Sunday 13th July. We’re giving away this Yashica-Mat TLR & a Black & White Developing kit, with a total

Cameras I Want

Following on from Nick’s post I’ve been thinking of my wish list and what cameras and equipment I’m lusting after at the moment. I have a thing for rangefinders, waist level finders & shiny things,

Howard Parker – London on Kentmere 400

A few months ago I went on a little trip to London to chill out, explore, take in some art galleries, and most importantly, take photos! I had four rolls of Kentmere film and three days to kill it off

Ryan Learoyd – Back from Bali

My name is Ryan & I’m a cameraholic. My wife made it apparent to me that as this was our honeymoon & not a photo holiday I shouldn’t be taking a huge DSLR. Of course me being the gentleman &

Cameras I want

I’ll probably be doing a few of these posts when I think of a batch of interesting and quirky cameras that I find desirable. I don’t go for the most expensive, or the highest quality, or the rarest prototypes or

Local Darkroom Community

Today we got an email through from Harman Technologies (Ilford) about this genius website they have started up. We present to you localdarkroom.com. Basically this is a database of darkrooms

Aerial Photography by Gerco de Ruijter

Dutch photographer Gerco de Ruijter captures these beautiful aerial photographs using a film camera & wide angle attached to either a fishing pole or a kite, using a remote trigger to fire the shutter.

Vintage Halloween Photos

Happy Halloween! I have been looking around at some vintage halloween photos today, and well, Halloween was certainly a lot creepier back in the days before digital. Vintage cameras & film certainly helped the atmosphere here I feel… This is

Shop Fitting: In Pictures

With us putting in new cupboards at the back of our shop recently, we were reminiscing about back in June when we were fitting out the shop, and put a gallery together with a before, during and after – enjoy!

We have rebranded

As the first step forward in some major developments for us, we have decided to rebrand. Lots of things are changing here at West Yorkshire Cameras, and the first major change is that we have rebranded. We felt that the

Postage Price Increases

Like Monty Python, we always like to look on the bright side of life – but sometimes we can’t overlook the bad news. Due to recent price increases by Royal Mail, we have had to alter the costs of all

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